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Gary E. Kilpatrick                        Curriculum Vitae - Click Here

Gary E. Kilpatrick, PE, DFE

When you think of Gary, know that he is a:

  • Licensed Professional Engineer
  • Diplomat Forensic Engineer
  • Degreed Mechanical Engineer
  • Machine Design Engineer
  • Manufacturing and Process Engineer
  • Motor Vehicle Crash Reconstruction Engineer (See Below):


Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University (Emphasis in Machine Design and Design Safety) Class of 1990.

Licensed Professional Engineer in 13 states including the District of Columbia currently: NC, SC, VA, WV, GA, FL, TN, NJ, MI, MD, LA, MS and Washington DC.

  • At-Scene Investigation and Evidence Mapping
  • Photogrammetry Studies of Police Photographs for Evidence Determination
  • Vehicle Crash Testing
  • Vehicle Skid Testing
  • Image, Store and Analyze a Vehicle's Crash Data Report (CDR) stored in the Vehicle's Airbag Control Module (ACM)
  • Airbag and Seat Belt Inspections
  • Car and Light Truck Crash Reconstruction
  • School Bus Crash Reconstruction
  • Commercial Heavy Tractor Trailer Trucks Crash Reconstruction
  • Commercial Heavy Vehicle ECM Data Imaging and Analysis
  • Motorcycle Crash Reconstruction
  • ATV and ROHV Crash Reconstruction
  • Computer Based Dynamic Motor Vehicle Crash Simulations Videos
  • Standards of Care for Motor Vehicles
  • SAE Standards
  • National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) Regulations
  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations
  • Product Defect and Failure Analyses
  • Machine Design and Component Analyses
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Have also investigated product defect and failure cases involving (a partial list is):

  • motor vehicle inspections
  • commercial heavy trailer structural failure
  • airbag deployment issue
  • axle shaft failure
  • suspension system failure
  • motor vehicle suspension coil spring compressor tool failure
  • lamp filament analysis
  • engine failure
  • engine throttle failure
  • steering failure
  • brake failure
  • voltage regulator failure
  • drive train guarding failure
  • primary chain drive failure

Mr. Kilpatrick has submitted written reports in both state and federal court cases. He has testified as an expert witness in both deposition and trial.

Mr. Kilpatrick has prepared and given presentations on forensic engineering topics to professional engineering societies, community colleges, university student engineering societies, paralegal associations, and casualty insurance adjusters. Mr. Kilpatrick has written technical papers some of which have been peer reviewed.

Mr. Kilpatrick's corporate office is located in Jamestown North Carolina. Please feel free to contact him any time at 336-841-6354(o) or 336-803-1639(c)