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Traffic Crash Reconstruction

Posted on: July 21st, 2015 by admin No Comments

Gary E. Kilpatrick, PE is the owner and chief engineering officer of Kilpatrick Forensics. Gary has been reconstructing traffic and industrial accidents and performing product defect and failure analyses since 2003.

Gary recently attended the following class courses:

1) ARAS Reality: For crash and crime scene reconstruction during an on-line conference (4 days).  ARAS 360 HD and ARAS Reality are real-time traffic accident reconstruction programs to assist the engineer in creating traffic crash simulation videos to show how the crash took place.

2) Engineering Dynamics Corporation: EDC Simulations in Burbank California (5 days). Engineering Dynamics Corporation creates physics based traffic crash simulation software that predicts based on the laws of physics how vehicles respond when involved in a crash.

3) ARC-CSI: Boot Camp and Crash Conference at the Las Vegas International Speedway (5 day). This boot camp and crash conference was a behind the scene experience of the engineering aspects of how to instrument vehicles, crash test them and then collect the impulse data for analysis. Gary has many videos of vehicle crash test. An analysis of the crash impulse data will be posted at a later date.

4) Tri-Lift North Carolina Inc.: Fork Lift Safety Training. Gary is a forklift expert and was re-licensed to operate forklifts.

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